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HOW Can You Become a Certified CONDUCTORCISE® Conductor?

Requirements for Certification:
A "REQUEST FOR CERTIFICATION" must be submitted. This consists of the following:

  • A written request showing your interest in and ability to execute the CONDUCTORCISE® program or events along with a statement as to what your wellness values are and why you want to be certified.
  • Brief biography, including education, professional work in social or wellness fields, etc.…all contact material... All may apply, even if you have not worked professionally in these fields. Enthusiasm counts!!!!
  • A tape, DVD, photos or e-mailed recording of your work either from another physical fitness class, a private training session or public event.
  • After receiving the above, there will be a brief phone interview with the Maestro or an authorized Company member.
  • While no specific conducting exercise instruction experience is required the following have proven beneficial: love of music and people, enthusiasm, being able to exercise yourself for ½ hour or more (while standing or sitting) devotion to helping others, and a great sense of humor.
  • The Maestro will review and respond to all applications, and you will receive notification of certification, or a communication as to how the applicant might better qualify.
  • Prior to receipt of your certification and “start up kit,” you will need to sign a TERMS OF ACCEPTANCE agreement to complete the certification process (copy available on our website). CONDUCTORCISE® Conductors will need to provide company with an insurance certificate showing ongoing insurance coverage that meets the CONDUCTORCISE® requirements. CONDUCTORCISE® certified instructors are not covered under the CONDUCTORCISE® insurance policy and the Company is held harmless for accidents or fees related to any Conductorcise Conductors’ sessions. Conductorcise can recommend an insurance company that it uses if you do not already hold an insurance certificate.
  • Once certification fees listed below are paid…You are ready to begin.

Cost of Certification:
There are two methods-

Lifetime Certification – apply as above. Upon certification you'll receive your official CONDUCTORCISE® certificate, your inclusion in the CONDUCTORCISE® website, one complete start-up kit of CONDUCTORCISE® DVD, CD Sets (Volumes 1-3), Maestro Dworkin's instructions, suggested playlists, and general "tips", 6 CONDUCTORCISE® batons, and membership in the online CONDUCTORCISE® networking group with access to our exclusive member’s forums, email communication with the Maestro and helpful Q & A section. The cost is $1,299.00 payable upon acceptance.

Group Certification – For Organizations Of All Sizes – if your organization has multiple locations, our group certification is the way to go.

  • Purchase 2-5 certifications and receive 20% off each certification.
  • Purchase 5-10 certifications and receive 40% off each certification.
  • Purchase more than 10 and receive 50% off each certification.

Visits from the Maestro himself! Any organization that purchases seven or more certifications will receive a complimentary (not including travel expenses) visit by Maestro David Dworkin at an event you have organized in your area. David will conduct a session along with you and present your framed certificate in person. For organizations with less than seven certifications, this incredible opportunity can be purchased for only $3,000 (excluding travel expenses).

Payable by Check or PayPal via our website. Go to “Marketplace” can use credit card on PayPal.

Questions? Please contact us.

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