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WHY CONDUCTORCISE® As A Certification Program And…

Why For You?
The International Conference on Active Aging has just chosen David Dworkin’s popular new fitness fusion concept, CONDUCTORCISE®, as one of north america’s six most innovative active aging programs.

CONDUCTORCISE® is an exhilarating and unique alternative to “traditional” exercise programs and has been hailed nationally as one of the best programs for wellness and Mind-Body.

CONDUCTORCISE® is the only program of its kind in the world. Now, you have the opportunity to earn extra income while delivering this truly unique and effective program to your clients. You will be provided with all the tools and techniques to offer this program in your area to individuals, senior communities, independent and assisted living facilities, libraries, schools, individuals and corporations. It is low impact, fun, educational, and combines motion and music as no other program does. The combination of exercise (even low impact to moderate) combined with sharpening and learning new listening skills allows participants to keep ones “body and mind in tune”, reduces stress, improves cognition, secures balance, increases circulation, manages diabetes, builds upper body strength and so much more.

It is one of the few fitness programs in the world that provides all the above not only to healthy individuals both young and old, but to those who are chair bound, challenged, or suffering from Alzheimer, stroke, dementia and challenged individuals as well.

Recently designated by The International Conference on Active Aging as one of only six national programs to receive the "ICAA Industry Innovators Award For Creativity, Excellence And Efforts To Advance The Field Of Physical Activity And Aging", CONDUCTORCISE® ranks among the most imaginative fitness programs anywhere in the world.

Conceived by Maestro David Dworkin, CONDUCTORCISE® is the culmination of David's lifetime devotion to, and passion for music and motion, and all the documented benefits it provides for Mind and Body. Early on in his distinguished career as a symphony conductor, he began to sense that there was a relationship between the sounds and movements of music that contributed to "well being," both mentally and physically. His sense of elation after conducting a performance or rehearsal left him feeling so good physically and mentally, that he wanted to find a way to "pay forward" the euphoria he felt.

CONDUCTORCISE® gradually took shape in his mind. He began to identify suitable music and movements, developed spoken introduction and background and descriptions, and compiled historical information and colorful anecdotes - all of which have contributed to the appeal and effectiveness of his fitness fusion program, which are highlighted in his personal appearances.

The program has been nationally and internationally hailed, and has been featured in publications from the New York Times, Town and Country Magazine, American Senior Fitness Association newsletter, New Idea (Australia), Times Colonist (Canada) and television shows including The Today Show, New Jersey Network, and Retirement Living TV’s Living Live! With Florence Henderson and Meshak Taylor and more.

But the Maestro can only be in one place at one time, so...after many requests from his followers, he has decided to expand the CONDUCTORCISE® family and create a Certification Program. It is designed to make the program more widely available, and bring his creative vision to people in communities across the globe.

The purpose of our certification program is to give dedicated professionals, in all areas of wellness, exercise enthusiasts, music lovers and health and educational organizations the ability to share this unique concept in promoting longevity and a healthy way of living. Participation in Conductorcise® does this through a series of movements related to the art of orchestral conducting to music selected by Maestro Dworkin specifically for the program. The attention to sound and the coordination of body movement to music are known to contribute to the stimulation of the brain, creating new brain cells, muscular development and release of endorphins. All create a level of energy, awareness of one’s surroundings, a lightness of attitude, a reduction of stress and depression, and most importantly, participants consistently leave Conductorcise® sessions energized and in high spirits.

As a "CERTIFIED CONDUCTORCISE® CONDUCTOR" you will be entitled to:

  • Operate CONDUCTORCISE® sessions in private or public, on a pro-bono or fee basis (local fees to be determined by you), using our CDs, Batons, DVDs and other products with proper CONDUCTORCISE® credit.
  • Online Conductorcise(R) networking group with access to our exclusive member's forums, email communication with the Maestro and helpful Q & A section.
  • Purchase Conductorcise® products, including DVDs, T-shirts, Batons, for resale at a special rate and resold at the market rate. Products may not be sold for lower-than market rate.
  • Use the CONDUCTORCISE® name on any promotional materials you create for local distribution in conjunction with your upcoming appearances.
  • Appear and be listed on the official CONDUCTORCISE® website as a “CERTIFIED CONDUCTOR" and to accrue all the benefits and referrals thereof, including recommendation by CONDUCTORCISE® to venues in your region that contact our offices that are looking to start programs.
  • Contribute articles, comments, or testimonials to "C4” (the "CERTIFIED CONDUCTORCISE® CONDUCTORS CORNER") on the website, subject to approval by Conductorcise.
  • Receive a certificate signed by MAESTRO DAVID DWORKIN recognizing and authorizing you as a Certified Conductorcise® conductor.
  • Recommend other for the certification program.
  • You are not authorized to re-certify anyone else, to transfer your certification, to sell any unauthorized (copied) Conductorcise® materials.
  • Conductorcise® Conductors are not authorized to do anything but local media without prior approval of the Conductorcise Company.

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