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CONDUCTORCISE® "A Sound Workout For Mind, Body And Soul"
Created, developed and registered to Maestro David Dworkin

Maestro Dworkin with Dr. Robert Landry, President of My Masterpiece Living.

Why CONDUCTORCISE® As A Certification Program And…Why For You?
David Dworkin’s popular new fitness fusion concept CONDUCTORCISE® is the only program of its kind in the world. The International Conference on Active Aging has just chosen CONDUCTORCISE®, as one of North America’s six most innovative active aging programs. Now, you have the opportunity to earn extra income while delivering this truly unique and effective program to your clients. MORE...

How Can You Become A Certified CONDUCTORCISE® Instructor?
First a "REQUEST FOR CERTIFICATION" must be submitted. This consists of... MORE...

Find A Certified CONDUCTORCISE® Instructor Near You
There are Certified CONDUCTORCISE® Conductors from Michigan to Melbourne, Australia and the list is growing all the time. See the current list...