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  Who is CONDUCTORCISE® for?
  Maestro David Dworkin has successfully worked with people of all ages, from pre-school children and teenagers to seniors in assisted living facilities and stroke and Alzheimer’s patients. Combining the musical, educational, and aerobic, CONDUCTORCISE® is built upon the same basic approach for all categories of participants. But for each group, Maestro Dworkin specifically shapes the challenges posed and the effort required. CONDUCTORCISE® is extremely effective in getting participants enthused about classical music, and keeping them engaged, thinking and in motion.






50 and over – While CONDUCTORCISE® generates an enthusiastic response with all age groups, it has captivated people 50 and over, the fastest growing segment of our population. For lively seniors, limits can be pushed and the sessions can be longer and more rigorous, incorporating some lower body movements that will help raise the heartbeat. Participants can expend as much or as little energy as they are able, and still derive health benefits from CONDUCTORCISE® for strengthening the heart, improving muscle tone, and relieving stress.

For Alzheimer’s patients, Maestro Dworkin has carefully crafted programs that have met with great success across the country. Individual pieces of music are slightly shorter in length, with a focus on familiar or popular classical music that often stimulates an even more intense interest in and connection to the activity. Participants in assisted living facilities can even conduct from a wheelchair.

Young Adults and Middle Age (20-50) – A far more rigorous regimen, with a more animated use of the baton, to enhance the upper arm workout. Subtle use of the baton, cuing, dynamics, communication and musical awareness are also all explored. Slower compositions are always incorporated into every CONDUCTORCISE® program, as a way of “internalizing” the music. Maestro Dworkin encourages participants to “take it inside, and allow the music to flow through all parts of the body.”

Children (13-19) – A vigorous, animated workout, with a focus on a more contemporary repertoire and analogies to rock or pop music to show differences and similarities to classical works.

Children Ages 4 to 12 – CONDUCTORCISE® makes the most of children’s love of motion, by using the entire body in marching, stretching, “duck walks,” etc. The workout is more vigorous, emphasizing the physicality of conducting , and includes a more extensive introduction to classical music. Highly animated compositions are used to stimulate the young people, who find themselves introduced to the magic of music while having great fun and a great exercise program.

Symphony Orchestras and Musical Organizations
– Turn the most passionate of musical audiences --patrons and ticket-buyers-- into conductors. For musical organizations, CONDUCTORCISE® can be a memorable fund-raiser, a unique musical appreciation session, or a wonderfully entertaining way to reach out and bring your audience together!

Corporations – CONDUCTORCISE® can be the perfect morning eye-opener or lunchtime stress reliever or after-hours musical workout and social event -- all contributing to the employee‘s health and well-being.

Parties and Special Events – CONDUCTORCISE® is an unforgettable way to enliven parties desired by high-end clients as a novelty experience to enliven a dinner or luncheon. Program would last 30-45 minutes.

Outdoor Events – CONDUCTORCISE® is the perfect introduction to summer festivals and concerts for creative entrepreneurs hoping to add a little bit of fun and exercise to their special events. Hold sessions at spas, malls, arts centers and many other locations to enhance your programs.