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  Raves: What people say about CONDUCTORCISE®
  “Conductorcise, in unifying the key therapeutic elements in music such as rhythm and emotion with physical activity, enhances the body and mind. Bravo Maestro!" – Concetta M. Tomaino, D.A., MT-BC, LCAT Executive Director/ Co-Founder, Institute for Music and Neurologic Function Senior Vice President, Music Therapy Services, CenterLight Health System

“David’s program is an oasis for body, mind and soul. Through his warmth, humor and talent, he is able to integrate physical activity, and intellectual stimulation in a forum that allows our clients to express themselves creatively. These are the components that are essential for healthy aging, and to living a long and happy life!"
– Mary Springer, Program Director Nazi Victim Services Selfhelp Community Services, Inc.

Inscription in the cover of Dr. Spirduso's new book Exercise and Its Mediating Effects on Cognition: "To David, a creative and courageous musician, who because he hears also the harmony of a fit body, creates a new and wonderful world for others. Best wishes.” –
Dr. Waneen W. Spirduso, EdD, Oscar and Anne Mauzy Regents Professor in the department of kinesiology and health education at the University
of Texas at Austin. A widely published author and popular speaker at conferences across the United States.
"Conductorcise is a wonderful marriage of music, fun, connections and aerobic exercise. It is harder to conceive of a more engaging challenge that all people will love, learn, and get healthy from the experience."
– Dr. John J. Ratey, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and authored the best selling book, A User's Guide to the Brain: Perception, Attention and the Four Theaters of the Brain. See www.JohnRatey.com or More info about the book on Amazon.com
"Conductorcise is a wonderful combination of fun and fitness. It is amazing to see how Maestro Dworkin is able use music, conducting and humor to get the audience listening, engaged, exercising and entertained."
– Adam Perlman, MD, MPH, FACP, Chairperson, Department of Primary Care, Hunterdon
Endowed Professor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Executive Director, Institute for Complementary & Alternative Medicine, UMDNJ- School of Health Related Professions

“It is I who need to thank you. I have had a chance to read quite a few of the 250 patient evaluations and the comments about you and your presentation are just incredible. Plus I have had numerous unsolicited
emails from patients, pharmaceutical reps, etc. that have had such wonderful comments about you and the entire day. Although our past Diabetes Days have been great with good comments - this one by far has been the best ever. You certainly played a big part in that success.....as I told you and many others, I have never seen so many people/patients participate together in anything, especially group 'exercise' like this before - they really were having a great time. How wonderful. Dr. Valitutto told me today that we should have you back again!” –
Cheryl Tenenbaum, Clinical Manager - Borgess Center for Diabetes Care, Borgess Wound Clinic

“It might look like a Bikram Hot Yoga class with maestro David Dworkin in a headset microphone. But look closer and you will see this fitness class wields batons and swings to Bach and Vivaldi. While it has yet to reach fitness-craze status, Conductorcise has received rave reviews from across North America.”
Times Colonist (Victoria, Canada)
“I am very enthusiastic about the benefits of exercise, even only moderate exercise*, for prevention of Cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. In this sense I would be very enthusiastic about CONDUCTORCISE as a way to motivate and move people to get a good work-out” –
Dr. Alan Tall,
Tilden-Weger-Bieder Professor of Medicine and Chief of Molecular Medicine, Dept. of Medicine at Columbia University. Dr. Tall heads the research program in molecular medicine and
atherogenesis at Columbia University.
“CONDUCTORCISE® was amazing! I have seldom seen a group of older adults so attentive; they did not miss a beat! I saw huge smiles on people who were conducting their hearts out. The group of adults who participated are begging to have it return. Maestro Dworkin’s positive energy was contagious to everyone. We were so impressed!” – Jody Portnoff, Older Adult Director, Jewish Community Center of New Orleans

“Why not add a little joy, charm, culture and sophistication to fitness ... and to life in general? Here is one physical exercise program that is innovative, unique, and truly special!” – American Senior Fitness Association


"Maestro Dworkin brings every closet conductor to his feet. A symphony performance, music history lesson and aerobics workout all rolled into one. It's probably the only class of its kind where sweats and tights are accessorized with batons. Fitness fusions are currently very hot -- and CONDUCTORCISE® fits the mold. The conductor knows how to wield his aerobic power. He speaks softly and carries a little stick, and in his class you feel the beat, as well as the burn" – The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA


"CONDUCTORCISE® provides the framework for aerobic activity which is key to improving functional capacity and enhancing one's sense of well being. The manner in which CONDUCTORCISE® captures the emotive thrill of music makes this workout magical." – G.R. Vorhoff M.D.-FACC M.D. Fellow, American College of Cardiology


“CONDUCTORCISE® is an extremely innovative program which combines the best and most enjoyable aspects of musical conducting and aerobic exercise. Those who participate in CONDUCTORCISE® will certainly have an excellent experience.” – U.S. Representative Steven R. Rothman (NJ)


“The response to CONDUCTORCISE® was wonderful. One resident stated that she was ‘absolutely energized,’ another asked ‘please, can he come back again?’ My staff said that the evening was so much fun and that the combination of the music and the movement was invigorating. We have found that music seems to unlock warm and spirited feelings within our residents. It was a ‘musically-magical’ evening, enjoyed by all. It was a pleasure sharing such a fun filled evening.” – Lisa Reingold, JARC Activities Coordinatior, Jewish Association for Residental Care, Palm Beach, Florida


“Aerobic conditioning is an integral component of maintaining optimum cardiovascular health. CONDUCTORCISE® is a unique method of obtaining this conditioning, which can be performed even when other activities may be limited. This may present an enjoyable and important physical activity for those who otherwise might be reluctant or unable to exercise. Even people in wheelchairs may be able to use this method.”– Dr. Vincent DeFilippi, cardio-thoracic surgeon, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Paterson, NJ

“To meet Maestro David Dworkin is a ‘moving’ experience. He's like a perpetual mobile, constantly in motion. His energy is boundless, his enthusiasm infections. His body language conveyed his feelings, his feet barely touched the ground as he leapt and bounced on the podium, shouting instructions to his audience whose smiles indicated they were enjoying their musical workout.” – The Republican-American (Waterbury, CT)
“Conductor David Dworkin is getting people young and old moving to classical music in his classes - it has been taught to youngsters and oldsters around the country and is proven a popular hit for senior centers.”
Symphony magazine
“It's with great interest that I saw your work on your website. Your passion and drive is an example for many. Congratulations on what you have achieved and are achieving daily."

– Kind regards, Ann Van de Winckel, Belgium